Saturday, March 02, 2013


Of all the days of the week, it is on Saturdays that I'll miss you most, Mom. For the past three years or so, Saturday has always been our bonding day because I get to have my turn in taking care of you. On good days, we get to have lunch at a place that you prefer, go around the mall a bit to shop before heading home so that you can rest.

I woke up early today as I've been accustomed to, and when I went out of the room and saw Dad tinkering with his iPad on the dining table, I realized today was unlike our Saturdays because you're not here anymore. I willed myself to fall asleep again so that I won't have to feel the void too much. When Don woke up, he immediately said that he misses you because he looked forward to Saturday mornings at ATC while we wait for you to finish treatment. He, too, feels the emptiness.

We looked for ways to busy ourselves. Dad played golf, Jenna went to work and Don and I had lunch out and saw a movie.

Thank you for enduring the pain over and over to prepare us for this. You are the bravest soldier I know.