Thursday, January 27, 2011


I'm not usually online on Facebook chat, and one of the few times I hit the "Go Online" button (like today) and disregard all the stealth settings, some person pings me. You, my friend, are the reason why I don't go online. And the funny thing is... I cannot ignore you.

It could be you.

It could be you.

It could be you.

It could be anyone of you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Overheard In the Office

At a meeting in my room:

Me : Guys, I feel a bit under the weather. My head hurts a little and my skin is so sensitive. Touch it and parang mahapdi. And I feel hot inside, too. Plus my throat is kinda sore. I don't feel like driving.

Teammates: (in unison) NOOOOOO!

Teammate 1: What are you drinking?

Me: Bioflu. Dahil babangon ako sa bioflu!

Teammate 2: No, you can't get sick.

Me: Uhmmmm... I know I can't get sick. But I'm just saying I'm feeling a bit sick now. Coming down with the flu. Flu lang naman.

Teammate 1: Don't say that. That's what Paolo said before!

Me: Duuuuh. I don't think you'll lose me now.

Teammate 2: but you can't get sick! (Forcefully, now) Can you just rest? Go straight home. SLEEP EARLY AT HUWAG KA MUNANG UMINOM. PUEDE?!

Me: *Speechless dahil semi nasigawan* (thought bubble: and what makes you think that I drink everyday from work???)

Teammate 1 looks incredulously at Teammate 2.

(and then realizing she raised her voice...)
Teammate 2: Sorry. I mean, rest ka nalang muna. I think you need it.

So, this must be how parents feel like when being told what to do by their children.  Nonetheless, I took her advice. Maybe she's right, but for the record, I didn't drink last Sunday and I have yet to get totally hammered this year. Well, it's only the 17th day of 2011.

That seeming alcoholic reputation is really a misconception. Homaygad. What would Lindsay Lohan do?


Can't believe how fast 2010 went by. I can still remember writing my year-end post for 2009 and the horrible fact that I missed the Nine Inch Nails concert (2009) remains fresh in my memory. It doesn't even feel like it has been over a year since we launched Windows 7 or when Kimi Raikkonen decided to leave Formula 1.

When I revisited my 2009 year-end post, I realized that I'm still thankful for the same things. The best things about 2009 I also got in 2010, only more and better.  2010 was generally good, like what Chinese Astrology predicted for us born on the year of the pig. I'd say only the last quarter was tough, the first three ones were great.

In 2010, I got to see more of the world, gained more weight (I'll be the damned the day I'm able to say I LOST weight), worked hard and partied harder.

More than a couple of times last year, I was made to appreciate all the blessings that I have and the many things I should be thankful for. I began to see little things in a great way, like hearing my mom's voice in the morning calling my name to wake me up, going home to eat whatever she prepared for dinner or being forced to go home because it was late and she's worried about me. Honestly, there was a point when I didn't think I'd get to experience these things again, but here we are and I have the high heavens to thank for that. I have witnessed many times over that not everybody gets a second, third or fourth chance at life on earth and we really just have to be grateful for whatever we have.

On a lighter note, I also appreciate having had the chance to spend time with myself, my friends and family wandering the streets of other countries or simply marveling at the beauty of the sea, eating great food or sharing a few bottles of beer (okay, I'm lying with "few"). I might have partied a little to hard at times, having come face to face with my own bile at one time, but we're only young once and life is fleeting. We should enjoy life as it is. Live in the present with care for the future. This is it.

So I finally got to finish this post which I started last year. 2010 was simple -- it was all about appreciating the little things in life.

I might be sounding a little too cheesy here and I don't know if I'm able to properly convey how I really feel.  After certain events last year, I'm just so fucking thankful for every geddemn day. I hope that sounds more like me now.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Define "Drunken Facebook Status."

What about "Drunken Tweet"?

And when I woke up, I don't know what the hell was this about. Haha. NATURAL HIGH so true. :)