Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Things you should do privately, you should do privately.

I would take oversharing on Facebook and Twitter anytime over being an involuntary audience to an exhibition.

There, I said it. No offense. None taken. Just making it clear.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.

I know why you hate blackouts. First because of the uncomfortable experience of trying to sleep in heat and sweat, and second because no matter how hard you try, you just can't sleep. And because you can't sleep you get to think about a lot of things, make a lot of realizations and discover another dimension to stuff you thought you already understood.  If just days ago you're confident about a decision you made, now you're wondering again if you really did, inspite of people around you assuring you that it was right.

You see another dimension which was just on the surface. You wonder why you didn't see something that was there all along. People will assure you that they're after your well-being, but of course, you realize, they have theirs on top priority. Then again, it depends on how you look at it. At first, you feel stupid, but you stop. You will yourself not to feel stupid because you know you're bigger than that. Bigger than what they take you for. You are not missing out on anything. You carry on. And hope it will all be worth something in the end.

You see the sun rising. You stop ruminating.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want the soundtrack.

I love how this video was made. Touching, but with just the right amount of cheese.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My nose is clogged and my left ear is deaf.

This blog was locked for less than a week because I was in the process of semi-changing the look, or should I say 're-coloring'.  I also wanted to make sure I didn't send out last week's negative vibes to all of cyberspace, but still have a place to vent my ire out (and stop myself from breaking the glass window).  I did write about airing dirty laundry on Facebook previously and how much I don't appreciate status updates that are just so revealing.

So now that I'm in a better mood and this blog is (kinda) clean (of nasty stuff written last week) and colorful, it's open to the world! If anyone picks up any subliminal message from my rants (just the rants), let me say that nothing is intentionally directed to anyone. Sometimes it's just the hormones talking or a clouded sense of judgment brought about by impulsive reactions.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

WTF is with this week?

This is better than ranting full-on in Facebook, yeah? Twitter today is full of negative vibes. Something is wrong in the universe. Great. I am not alone.

But I'm going out. I wanna be alone.


Monday, July 05, 2010



Yun lang. Thank you.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Like a No Smoking Sign on Your Cigarette Break

Ugh. I hate it when this happens and it happens a lot! Guess there's so much anger/disappointment/excitement/jubilation over the just concluded Netherlands - Brazil World Cup match on Twitter. Don't we all just love it when the underdog emerges victorious?

Seriously, though, Twitter needs to do something about this. The Fail Whale might not survive the FINAL and we'll all crave for our Twitter fix.

EDIT: Bzzzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzzz! Still down! This is the longest I've seen of the Fail Whale! Nearly an hour! I actually have nothing to tweet but I wanna read. (Omagah. I just confirmed my Twitter addiction. As in I'm getting anxious about this. Geez. hahaha)

EDIT: It's back and true enough, all the TTs (trending topics) are related to the world cup. Bzzzzzzzz Bzzzzzz Bzzzzzz. Somebody gift me with a vuvuzela. I want one! I'm going to use it in the office to avoid hapontukin.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Words from the Wise Master of The Force

In all my 6 years of working for the same company, I think we've only had two company-wide meetings. The first one was on my first year and the second one was held just a few days ago. It's cool to be reminded of the basic things - principles and values that we already knew but just had to be reminded of out loud. Took note of some them on my mobile.  It's almost verbatim (inputs in parenthesis are mine): 
  • Ideas are what our clients are paying us for. (My brain is fried and somebody wants to buy it! Torta - instead of ground meat, utak.)
  • Hindi puwede yung shy dito. Kung wala kang self-confidence... hindi lang sa PR kung hindi sa buhay, hindi ka aasenso. (Yung mga shy, nahihiyang i-admit na shy sila.)
  • Kapag natalo ka sa bidding, it's not the end of the world. Huwag kayong panghinaan ng loob. (I used to feel bad everytime, but not anymore. No, sir!)
  • The key to winning a battle is preparedness. Di puedeng sumabak ka sa gera na baril lang ang dala mo habang tumatakbo ka. Dapat naisip mo na lahat ng puedeng mangyari at may solusyon ka na para sa mga 'yon. (First aid kit)
  • On sense of humor (but not mean or dirty): Sa business na 'to, if you don't know how to laugh or relax, maloloka ka. (So true to the 900 millionth power!)
  • We're a team. Yung bagay na madaling gawin, huwag na nating pahirapin. (O ha, narinig 'nyo yon!!! Sir, please repeat!)
  • Punctuality is the quality of kings. (and that is perhaps why I remain a peasant.)

We already know these, but it's different when articluated by the master in the presence of the other jedis.

May the force be with us!