Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is temporary, I hope.

From Wikipedia:

Anthony Kiedis told Rolling Stone Magazine in an interview published May 20, 2008 that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are "disbanded for the moment." Following the last leg of the tour promoting Stadium Arcadium, the band members have been on a break. Kiedis attributes this to the band being worn out from their years of nonstop work since Californication. Kiedis explained that he is currently preoccupied with taking care of his new son, while Flea is experimenting with new musical ideas, Frusciante is continuing his solo career, and Chad Smith is in Japan working with a jazz band. The band plans to remain on hiatus for "a minimum of one year." However, Kiedis has stated that he is anxious to start thinking about new material.

I recently saw a poll on the MTV website asking if people will go see the Chili Peppers if they were to perform in Manila and I got the impression that they were seriously considering it... so I guess this interview confirms that they're not. haay. I watch footages of their concert at the Slane Castle over and over again and I wish to see them live one day. At least before any of them dies of drug overdose.
That's not Kiedis in the picture. It's Flea in his favorite outfit.

Monday, May 26, 2008

She's back!

Tara shows us how to distinguish a motorcycle brand by the sound of the engines. It's not really the joke but the delivery. haha!! If you knew her you'd know why we're laughing so hard at this one. Glad to have you back, dude!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm sure it's definitely...

This barista is truly one of a kind. Inartehan pa niya eh. It's either:

a) he's being creative

b) he's bored so he tried to do something different from the usual

c) he's too lazy to make the extra stroke that would make a Y.
d) he inferred that if Joy rhymes with Koi then perhaps, it's spelled like Koi.

I wonder if he even thought about it, like "Is it Joy with a y or with an I? She looks like it's an I. So, Joi." haha. I would've been more impressed if he frenchified it by adding an E. Joie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Of course, it has been done before.

yet most of you thought it's genius.

Where do you, AI boys, really get your ideas, huh?

Here's a clip of the band Simple Plan (not exactly one of my favorites) doing a mash-up of Stand By Me and Beautiful Girls sometime 2007:

And now, the crowd-favorite "Archulets" in American Idol. Cue to girls: swoon at 1:34:

So because he didn't make me swoon, I'm not a girl. And I don't know why I'm so anti-idol. Glad the show's ending! Hahaha (evil laughter). But just my two cents (of course I have an opinion about everything!), if that guy David Cook aspires to make it as a rocker, he shouldn't win this thing because then he'll be typecast... I think no AI winner will ever be appreciated as a legit rockstar. And if he wanted to be a rocker, he shouldn't have joined this in the first place. And if there were still Rockstar (INXS/Supernova), he wouldn't win it because he's bordering somewhere pretentious. Haha sorry. I look at him kasi like the Nyoy Volantes and Paolo Santoses... But David Cook does well in reviving the songs and owning them. I like his version of Hello and Hungry Like a Wolf, after some friends advised that I should check it out on youtube. I'm the only one I know who's not so crazy about the Mariah remake. It's nice, it's okay, different, great to sing along to... but I'm getting tired of it.

I also liked Daughtry but I found out he was from AI so I sort of wrote him off but I do find myself singing along to his songs once in a while. I think if he won AI, he won't receive as much attention from the listeners he's targetting. So yes, I'm biased. I'm probably the one stereotyping here but you can't blame me!

It'll be better if the other David won... then we can position him as a young achiever, teenager following his dreams... that sort of thing. It just makes for a better story. Yon. I'm not even going to make a comment on their singing skills because I don't really watch. I just get to read about it in the papers.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

They're the reason I have silver chucks.

The elements that make a live performance really cool are not just a good band (with great showmanship) and really good music but also the showcase of lights and sounds. Think U2 concerts - they have floor to ceiling led screens as background, words and images flashing as they perform the songs. I've mentioned before that the concerts I had gone to earlier this year both had amazing lights, especially Incubus whose lights were so well-choreographed with the songs (mygod when will I ever stop talking about that show!). Maroon 5 brought a quite simpler set but very very lovely. However, the one that tops my list I didn't see live. In fact, I just saw it on MTV earlier tonight and I was blown away. As in woooooow. Galing! Not to mention it's by a band I really adore :-)

Here's a pixelated clip from youtube (couldn't find a really clear version) of MUSE performing Starlight at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Take note of 1:29 onwards - that's when they totally rock! Laser lights are the bomb. 2:31 - the "starlights" are truly cosmic!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Campeon de la liga!!!

Victory is sweet sweet sweet!!! Real Madrid are the champions of the Spanish League again!

I wasn't a fan of football before because I thought it was boring. A bunch of guys kicking the ball around... it's not as eventful as say basketball. I got to know more about it when a friend of mine explained the dynamics of the game at the poolside of the condo where we stayed at in college. It also helped that we got to hang around with the soccer varsity guys we met in one of our prod classes. Next thing I knew I was watching college football and following the leagues on TV. I was also caught in the world cup and euro cup frenzy that I'd wake up diligently in the wee hours just to catch a game or leaving my TV on at CNN waiting for updates. Except for the English Premiere League, ESPN or Star Sports doesn't show live games and I also rooted for teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid (La Liga), Juventus and AC Milan (Serie A) so I relied on the Internet a lot, CNN and BBC.

I so miss the days when I had so much time I don't know what to do with it. Hayyyy.

During that time, Real Madrid was the type of team that was always almost there but never makes it. And I always believed that one day, they'd finally emerge victorious. I mean, how could a team made up of galacticos not be able to secure a championship? They're like the dream team. Almost all of European football's superstars were in that team, at the same time. Back then, they had a formidable, supposedly unbeatable roster: Ronaldo, Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos, Raul Gonzales, Zinedine Zidane (!), David Beckham (he hasn't conquered America then), Iker Casillas, Michael Owen... How could they go wrong, right? Wrong. There was too much ego. They were all superstars and everybody wanted a larger piece of the pie and so teamwork suffered. There were too many poster boys, not to mention really mean crowd! Could you imagine the same home crowd cheering for you and booing you when you missed the shot? Tough love. But they've obviously figured out a way around that now... love ittttttttt.

A couple of years at work and I kind of forgot about football altogether. So when I turned to the sports section of the newspaper yesterday and saw this really big, big, victorious photo of RM celebrating... I was so happy!!! AGAIN?!!! Back-to-back?! So this all happened when I wasn't watching. Been waiting for it and didn't see it... For the past two years that I wasn't following football, they're actually winning titles.

I can hear Alanis Morissette singing... "It's a traffic jam when you're already late, a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break. It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife..."