Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Burning the Midnight Oil

Settled down in my little nook at home to do some work past midnight and thought I'd drop by this oft-forgotten repository of thoughts for some writing therapy. Browsed through it, too, and realized I feel like writing most when things are not going well. Most of the entries bear the themes of burn out, tiredness, a seeming lack of sense of achievement - that even I got tired of my own drama.

2015 has been relatively okay. And by okay I mean it has its highs and lows but nothing to be shaken about. The past few years have been good travel-wise. I'm at a phase where I'm really keen to see the world. Sometimes, I think that perhaps I'm not in a relationship because I'm meant to enjoy life without baggage first before getting sucked into the romance and the headaches that come with it. And I'm fine with that.

Come to think of it - I've been very blessed. While my life is nothing spectacular at this point, I think I've got a pretty good one.