Monday, February 22, 2010

The signs, they're everywhere!

DZMM has an internal office campaign called "Isang Kalabit" which they implemented in their workplace where they put up signs to remind people about certain things.  When I saw these signs along the gallery of ABS-CBN Studios this morning, I remembered our office and thought it would work if we posted something similar there, too, to always remind people of the basics.  Perhaps humor and sarcasm would work to send out the messages without the negative vibe.

Just finished our evals and one of the topics that was brought up by everyone was about the work environment...  

Anyway, I took photos! There were a lot but I didn't take all of them, just the ones where no one's watching lest I be perceived as an idiot with a fascination for walls with signs.

I wanna have an Art Attack session where I'll ask my team to create signs like these in English which we'll post on the cubes along Kalye Warlah. First, because doing artsy stuff is therapeutic, a creative outlet to let out stress, and second, it'll be fun to think of stuff like these!

And what if we had signs like this on the streets instead:

 Haha, siguro naman wala nang jaywalking. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please don't organize a pity party on your Facebook wall

I wonder if there's a guide to appropriate Facebook status posting and commenting, or even tweeting.  The rapid growth of social media makes all sorts of personal information available, from the trivial to downright intimate, and I'm particularly bothered by people who air out dirty laundry on Facebook, backed up by their friends.  I say ‘backed-up’ because in some instances, it even appears staged - like a page out of the lousy script of a bitter Pinoy romantic movie, the scene where a group of friends are supposed to bash the douche bag - and it's really pathetic to be doing it so publicly when you’re not even a public figure.  Even classy public figures would know which type of information to share and what image to portray.

If you need a lifeline, please phone a friend. Don't ask the audience.

There's nothing wrong with loathing someone and sharing the sentiment with your circle.  Man is born to hate as much as he's born to love. In this day & age, however, a little sensitivity is expected because we all kind of exist in the same network and the information that we share is readily available to everyone. It is as easy to defame someone as it is to create an image of yourself which you would like others to see. For some, it's a defense mechanism to show people how they're coping with an issue.  That's fine as long as they don't sink to the lowest level of pathetic-ness.  I feel sorry for people who look like they’ve got so much class only to lose all of it the moment they open their mouths or when their fingers come in contact with the keyboard.  Just like how the pretense of successfully bouncing back from a failed relationship appears like a bitter joke if  one party continues to publicly denounce the other.

Not to sound preachy about this, I must admit that there are instances where I’m also guilty of sending the negative vibes through the interweb. The difference is I do not promote it.  It's just an outlet for me and I’m not soliciting any type of support or sympathy from others. My blog posts, tweets and updates are not meant to illicit any form of untoward judgement on anyone.

I’m sure someone somewhere is already writing the universal guide to social media etiquette. And I'm sure people wouldn't adhere to it.

And someone somewhere is creating a Facebook page about a bitter break-up titled John Tucker Must Die. Become a fan.

Friday, February 19, 2010

That is our question, are you truly one of us?

As of writing, Tiger Woods just finished delivering his first speech after he got embroiled in a really nasty scandal. Whether he's sincere or not is beyond me. Wala naman akong paki sa life niya talaga eh.

Actually, I don't know why I wrote that opening sentence for this post. Hahaha!

Anyway, came across this video on Facebook today which was made by a group of Ateneans. Love it!!! Hail the Genuinely Poor!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Greenwich Commercial = WIN!

Super LOL moment when this came on the TV while we were having a late dinner last night.  This is so true -- I've met people like this na may 'arrive' but then... toink! hahahahahaha


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I'm getting tired of my username.  It's actually not something I came up with -- it's a written version of how a classmate in college mispronounced my name every time he uttered the word because he had difficulty pronouncing Js.  My friends soon pronounced it in the same way to annoy me over and over until I got used to it and owned it.

I have to note that this was way way before the time when it became trendy to put an H after the first letter of the name (Bhabes, Mhar) because I believe that trend became popular when text lingo evolved to from super abbreviated (c u tmrw, k, wru n) to this phase that I refuse to call jologs (d2 n poh me) only because I know certain people who actually do that and I tell them not to text me that way but they don't listen! Do people not notice that even if it took me 6 batches of messages, I do not abbreviate?  Can we not apply verbal communication rules to SMS? Like when the question is in English, you have to answer in English.  Same with SMS, can it be that people reply in the same manner that they received the message? Haha. Di naman ako galit. I digress. Fine. Txt m ko lyk dat f it mkes u hapi.

Anyway, my point is that it wasn't spelled as such because I wanted a n H in my name, hehe.  The good thing about it is I think nobody else in the world owns it.  When I Google my username, majority of the hits would link back to my sites like Multiply, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, comments I made on other people's pages, this blog, and a lot of other things.  I think the first 3 pages are all related to me.  Just don't Google my real name, though -- majority of the hits to that one would link back to international news sites which published a photo of me holding out a certain toy. The Google results from my username is even more accurate than my real name.

And now that I joined tumblr (yes, another microblogging site), I found myself thinking of a new username but I still ended up using the one I have now (yung Ferrarilover134... eeeeew, haha, kidding!).  It's just like my mobile number -- I almost changed it a couple of times to get a new phone or whatever but in the end, I decided against it.  I've had it for more than 10 years, dating back to when I first got my Nokia 5110 in 3rd year highschool.  It was one of the first mobile numbers issued by Globe after SMS was first introduced in the late 90s (the first mobile numbers started with 5 and then 8).

So, even if it already seems baduy to me, I'm probably keeping my username until I think of something unique that I'd want to use around cyberspace for the next 10 years.

k, un Lng p0h. nyt! Lolz!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This sign isn't applicable in our office.

Because we're predominantly Bejeweled Blitz-ers. Hurrah!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Overheard at the Ateneo

Favorite entries from my new favorite website (Click on blog title to view):

Theo Prof: So class, what was Jesus' religion?
Students: Sir, Jew?
Theo Prof: Brilliant! He was a Jew. It's a good thing he didn't live in the mountains.
Students: ....
Theo Prof: Because then he'd be a Mountain Jew
Father Dacanay: (to his students na mag-on daw) do you kiss?
Couple: of course father
Fr Dacs: like in the movies, do you close your eyes when you kiss?
Couple: Yes father
Fr Dacs: why?
Girl: to shut off the whole world po, so that all i can feel is his kiss...
Guy: kasi father, pag nakadilat ako, maduduling ako kasi sobrang lapit nya...
Frat war fail...

Fratman U bumps Fratman A near flagpole in Rockwell
A: Anung problema mo?
U: Eh ikaw anong problema mo? Papalag ka!?
A: Ano gusto mong suntukan?
U: Sige tara! Ano? Ha!? Papalag ka?
A: Tara sa parking lot ng Powerplant!
U: Sige wait lang magcclass lang ako!
A: Sige ako rin magcclass lang.

classmate 1: chong anong pre-finals grade mo?
me: c lang bakit
classmate 1: *ngumiti at pumunta kay classmate 2* anong pre-finals grade mo?
classmate 2: b bakit?
classmate 1: tabi tayo.
Two seniors talking about immersion: 

student 1: San ba immersion mo?
student 2: Sa ano daw....IP.. Indigenous Poor
student 1: ah...? parang mali... Indigenous People kasi!
Math prof: What is = "2 apples plus 3 apples"?
Class: Ano po?
Math prof: A problem from la salle
I heard this story once about how Fr. David supposedly went to the province, together with some Jesuits, for a retreat or something. On the last leg of the trip, they apparently had to take a bus to the destination; LSD came in last and sat away from the other Jesuits. During that time a man sat down next to him; he did not know the man was carrying a knife. The man had been poking LSD's side with the knife; annoyed, and oblivious to the the man's true intent, he supposedly looked straight at the man and shouted 'WILL YOU STOP THAT?' It was only later that he figured out it was a robbery attempt. Hahaha saved by conyo.
Padre Ferriols Urban Legend:
Philo Class in Filipino...
A female student recited and kept on talking in english
Padre: hija, bakit ka ingles nang ingles?
Female student: kasi hindi ko po feel pag sa tagalog
Padre: P******** m*!!!
Female student: huhuhu (cried)
Padre: ano? feel mo na?
Fr Ferriols Ph 101 class in 2001. Padre was by that time frail and moved very slowly and carefully. He was listening to one nervous student ramble helplessly during a regular oral recitation, when he suddenly banged his fist on the table (making us all jump in our seats) and roared, "Bakit ka ba nagtatago sa GUBAT NG SALITA!!"
Another Padre Ferriols urban legend:
Padre: Prove to me that this chair does not exist.
Student: What chair?
Student got an A+, and Padre Ferriols insisted that the registrar put the A+ mark on the student's card.
May isang mag-i-immersion na hindi magaling magtagalog, kaya nanuod siya ng mga soap opera para masanay. Pagdating sa immersion, sabay tanong sa foster parents: "Gaano katagal na ho ba kayong HAMPASLUPA?"


Sa Ateneo, jologs ang pumansin sa estudyanteng artista na hindi mo close”



Sa Ateneo lang ipoprotesta ang pagbawal ng tsinelas (flip flops) pero hindi pagtaas ng tuition.”


3 tipsy students:
J1: Fuck you.
J2: With what?

haha. there are more than a thousand entries already. Congrats to the group admins!