Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I just had to write this down before I forgot...

Had one of those Twilight lunches with a colleague today when we talked about vampires, werewolves and such. Coincidentally, when we got back to the office, my nose started to bleed. I still don't know why, actually. It was cloudy outside so it couldn't have had anything to do with heat but there was a lot blood and it took a while before it stopped (I prayed so hard that it would because I don't want to do a conf call with my nose bothering me). Anyway, I walked out of my room and showed a bloody tissue paper to my colleague:

ME: Dude, look, my nose is bleeding.
Colleague 1: Hala! Bakit? Malamig naman sa labas... Bow your head. Wag ka tumingala, it's a myth! Ang dami! Maamoy ka ng vampires niyan!
Colleague 2: Kailangan natin ng ice. Lagyan mo ng ice!
ME: Ice? Sa ilong?
Colleague 2: Sira. Sa nape mo tapos tumungo ka.
Colleague 1: (still in Twilight mode) Oh no, hindi kayo puede magsama ni Edward (our favorite vampire) kasi papatayin ka ni Jasper! (Jasper is Edward's brother who can't control his thirst for human blood)
Colleague 3: (super super concerned look on her face) ohmygod Bestfriend! Bakit nangyayari sayo yan? Bakit ka nag no-nosebleed eh magaling ka naman mag English?

I swear, I felt bubbles in my nose when I laughed! and I thanked her for the compliment. haha

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's that... Wild Flower?

When my friends told me about this, I thought it was a joke but then I saw it for myself. OMFG. That's the former Sandwich frontman/ MTV VJ and Kjwan's lead singer. In a teleserye. In the afternoon.

Interesting and surprising twist. It's like hey, it's Jared Leto on reverse! Actors turned musicians are pretty common but some of them just don't fly and end up going back to acting, especially if they dare take the road of rock (think Jericho Rosales and Jeans, Diether Ocampo and Blow). However, musicians turned actors are another thing, especially rock musicians. I can't remember any at the moment who successfully transitioned from almost anti-mainstream to totally pang masa. Really, how would the fans take it if Dave Grohl made a movie or starred in a soap portraying a role other than 'himself'? I can't imagine! Trent Reznor, too, looks like he could be a villain in a Harry Potter movie but I guess he'd never do it.

Bono did well in Across the Universe, when he was singing in the psychedelic bus. He's not really acting though. He's just like a total hippy... but Across the Universe is waaaaaaaaaaay cool.

I heard Kjwan recently had a gig without Marc Abaya. I'm sure they did well as the other members are capable of holding out on their own but I mean, how could you be without a frontman? I wonder how this turns out for him. Ligaw na Bulaklak?

Here's a clip. Surreal. Nascent stardom at 3:01 onwards.
Wait, wait, wait... did he say CHIFF?

Monday, July 14, 2008

Incubus to go on hiatus


Having just completed a year-and-a-half-long tour in support of its 2006 album "Light Grenades," Incubus is planning to take a break while its members pursue a variety of endeavors.

On Aug. 23, guitarist Mike Einziger will unveil an orchestral piece in concert at Royce Hall on the campus of UCLA in Los Angeles.

"He did the Time Lapse Consortium, which was a solo thing, even though most of Incubus played on it. But this one is just Mikey," frontman Brandon Boyd tells "This time, the band will just go to watch. He's moving into ambitious territory."

For Einziger, the concert will serve as a precursor to his enrollment in Harvard's music school to study composition next year. But he's not the only one returning to higher education, as Boyd also plans to enroll in a university art program.

"And, our drummer is having a baby, so there's a lot of normal life stuff going on right now -- school, babies, mortgages," Boyd says.

"I'm of the mind to say it wouldn't be a bad thing to disappear for a year or two years," he says. "A lot of people would say culture moves too fast and you need to remind people, but I would argue there's not any rush. Maybe they'll be a sex scandal or an arrest or something to keep us in the news."

Disappear for a year or two years? Oh no. I'm craving for new music right now. Before this, the band released albums every two years or something and since Light Grenades in 2006, "I'm of the mind" to expect something in 2008... But they're asking us to wait for two more years. 2010? Too long!!!! But yeah, the band deserves it. They've been working really hard.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Random Ramblings

Wow. I'm drafting this via mobile now and I must say it's very difficult to do without a real keyboard. There is a good number of input options that's supposed to make it easier for me but it's not. I'm alternating between stylus and touch keypad and my eyes are tired from the glare of the screen... They want to go to sleep but my mind is so alive! Nobody's up in our house anymore and I'm too lazy to open the computer to see if any of my friends are online. So I'll just write whatever I feel like...

Just got home from a mini get-together with some college friends. I'm supposed to be dead tired after a long day at work and a late night but there must have been something in my drink that's keeping me up. This has happened before but I never figured it out... Sheez. I don't know if I had one too many (maybe I did) but I don't think quantity of intake had something to do with this seeming 'alertness'. In any case, I always feel comfortable in letting my hair down with my bestest friends because I know someone's always looking out for me.


I don't understand why, especially for most of the older musical groups (or those who brand themselves as 'classic rock' bands), is it appealing to destroy musical instruments while performing live. Is that showmanship? Do the people who actually go to these concerts get a different high from watching things getting smashed on stage? I've seen older bands do it, like Nine Inch Nails, and it looked like it was sort of pre-orchestrated... they probably talked amongst themselves and decided hey, let's smash the guitar in this song. Then I'll grab a bottle of water, spill it on your keyboard and then splash it on myself and we all walk away. WTH. Drugs, probably.


I guess the beauty of blogging is that you can talk to yourself without looking istoofid. It's just putting your thoughts out there for no one in particular unless you're blogging for revenue then you have to cater to an audience, increase traffic and attract advertisers. For me, like what I'm doing now, it's just writing whatever at 4 in the morning. Nobody really gives a damn about what music I like or what earphones I'm using but I like writing all this stuff here only because it provides snapshots of particular phases in my life. After years or months, I revisit my previous posts and I get to remember how I felt or what I did at that particular moment of my life. Like right now... talking nonsense.

Finally, I'm feeling it. I am finally going to sleep. yes.

My LSS while driving on the way home...

Will I ever get to where I'm going
If I do, will I know when I'm there?
If the wind blew me in the right direction
Would I even care?
I would, I would, I would...