Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Beep beep beep beep.

Last night, a colleague and I sort of got lost around Makati on our way to Capone's (yeah we finally made our minds to watch the Sandwich gig). That's pretty ironic because she grew up in the area. Damn those one-way streets! After an hour of u-turning, we finally got there and guess what? We didn't even last 10 minutes in the place because we realized we didn't want to be there... at least we used the washroom. Instead, we ended up at Tapika. Oh my college days! Instead of some rock music, I listened to some George Michael. I enjoyed it nonetheless. Honestly. I'm glad I was able to unwind.

Based from experience, my most enjoyable moments are those that went unplanned. Wouldn't it be great to live a spontaneous life that I don't even have to make plans at all for the future or even for the next day?

Then again, to live without looking forward to something is not living at all because the things that we look forward to are the things that inspire us to move.

Actually, when I go to sleep at night I always seem to have the same thing on my mind - what do I wear tomorrow??? ...again?