Friday, June 24, 2005

F1 rants...

For the joke that happened in Indianapolis, I blame Ferrari and Mosley. Ferrari for their selfishness and Mosley for his stupidity. Mosley must have thought that by siding with Ferrari, he can keep the sport alive. However, he doesn't realize that it is the spectators and supporters that is the backbone of any sport industry. Ferrari alone cannot survive Formula One.
I just hate MSC and Ferrari right now. After the Indianapolis GP, all the admiration and respect I have for Schumacher and Ferrari have been replaced by hatred, disgust and disappointment. They didn't think about the sport, the fans, and the passion for F1. The farce at Indianapolis could have been avoided had they used their brains and opened their minds.

Those sore losers. They could have just allowed a chicane and let the others race for no points but they didn't. And I suspect this is because Ferrari was scared to go through the embarassment of not having a place at the podium despite the perfect tires. They did not want to risk losing the points to Raikkonen or Alonso now that they have the opportunity to secure it for themselves. Ferrari obviously has an identity crisis. They can't accept the fact that they are not at the top anymore.

As expected, MSC won after a long drought... and that's because the top drivers and constructors - his fiercest competitors withdrew from the race.

My two cents? Schumacher should get in shape and regain his title in a real race with the best drivers today. Afterwhich, he should gracefully retire.

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