Saturday, January 24, 2009

WHERE I've been spending my time online

So it's been a while since my last blog post and clearly, I haven't gotten over the Twilight mania then. Well, I have now! Thank God! And after reading the books again and again, I realized that they weren't written that well. Not just grammar and style-wise but the whole thing like character establishment and what not. The only thing that probably got me hooked was (yeah you guessed it) Edward Cullen's character. He's such a dream. I can't wait for the next two movies (make them better, please!).

I'm online most of the time either via mobile or computer but the reason I haven't been blogging the past month is because... I didn't feel like writing. There's enough stuff online that kept me preoccuppied like surfthechannel (thank you to whever thought of this), justjared / perezhilton, and facebook. Most of the time was spent on surfthechannel because I was catching up on episodes of TV shows that I missed.

Now that I'm done catching up, I'm back here wasting my time. My blogs are not so much for whoever is interested to read them. They're actually for me. I like looking back, reading previous posts and remembering that time of my life when the posts were written.

I used to keep a journal when I was younger, only they didn't contain chronicles of my life but essays on whatever I was thinking of during that time. I just found the one I had in 1999 when I was cleaning up my stuff in the attic. I realized I used the word WHY in a lot of the titles. I had entries there titled, "Why I think Erap Wouldn't Make It," followed by, "Why Kevin is the Best Backstreet Boy." The last entry in that journal was an essay I submitted with the ACET application in response to a question included in the forms. The title: "What I can contribute to the Ateneo." Hahahahahaa! I didn't fulfill my promises. I didn't contribute anything! The society is not in a better state now, even when I'm already done with my Ateneo education.

It's not over yet, though, until my last breath. Who knows, I might do something really life-changing for myself and for others in the future... then again I could be too lazy to even bother. Hahaha