Sunday, May 24, 2009

High-fives for Brawn and Two Thumbs Up for Ferrari!

For a superb Monaco race! Jenson is unstoppable and old man Rubens is having the time of his life at Brawn.
The lead is comfortable but there's no room for complacency as Ferrari is on the rebound and they're fast getting back to being a title contender.
Kamusta naman ang post-race hair? Jabarnation!

This bottle of champaigne must've tasted really sweet for Kimi -- his first from the podium in 2009. Drink before spray!

The next races should be interesting. Would be good to see alternating wins because honestly, I'm happy for Button and Brawn, but it's getting boring to always see the same people up there, much like Ferrari's dominance during the Schumacher era.

Turkey's next. Vamoose!