Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As in most offices, we also have a halloween gimmick. Our group was assigned a theme based on the movie, 'tiyanak' which none of us have seen. Normally, we are capable of working on things we aren't familiar with but it appears that the group is having a hard time interpreting it (haha). I've noticed that other groups in the office who do not belong to our department were easily able to put up decor and I realized that they're fast because they work as their ideas come in. When one member of the group has an idea, he tells his team and immediately goes to work. They don't really care about the coherence in design, their immediate goal was to do something and put it up. And that's really how things like this are done, right? Because the point is to have fun.

Whereas... Because of the natural order of the PR Department, we had to go through the process of scheduling a conf call (I was in the hospital), brainstorming session 1, coming up with an initial idea, evaluating the resources (and upon discovering that we can't afford the materials that we needed), brainstorming session 2 was necessary, and then we began to implement but there was a stall. We weren't sure what to do. All the brainstorming was all talk. Chopsuey ideas. And then today, we realized that we couldn't move without a concrete plan. Yun daw yon! So someone had to draw diagram, complete with details. We had to sit down and brief everyone again. True enough, I think we're on track.

It's either we really had to rely on a 'plan' to implement or maybe our brains are still sabaw coming at the heels of major major draining projects.

Wala lang. I just find it funny that there's so much prep for Halloween Decor! The game is on!