Monday, January 17, 2011

Overheard In the Office

At a meeting in my room:

Me : Guys, I feel a bit under the weather. My head hurts a little and my skin is so sensitive. Touch it and parang mahapdi. And I feel hot inside, too. Plus my throat is kinda sore. I don't feel like driving.

Teammates: (in unison) NOOOOOO!

Teammate 1: What are you drinking?

Me: Bioflu. Dahil babangon ako sa bioflu!

Teammate 2: No, you can't get sick.

Me: Uhmmmm... I know I can't get sick. But I'm just saying I'm feeling a bit sick now. Coming down with the flu. Flu lang naman.

Teammate 1: Don't say that. That's what Paolo said before!

Me: Duuuuh. I don't think you'll lose me now.

Teammate 2: but you can't get sick! (Forcefully, now) Can you just rest? Go straight home. SLEEP EARLY AT HUWAG KA MUNANG UMINOM. PUEDE?!

Me: *Speechless dahil semi nasigawan* (thought bubble: and what makes you think that I drink everyday from work???)

Teammate 1 looks incredulously at Teammate 2.

(and then realizing she raised her voice...)
Teammate 2: Sorry. I mean, rest ka nalang muna. I think you need it.

So, this must be how parents feel like when being told what to do by their children.  Nonetheless, I took her advice. Maybe she's right, but for the record, I didn't drink last Sunday and I have yet to get totally hammered this year. Well, it's only the 17th day of 2011.

That seeming alcoholic reputation is really a misconception. Homaygad. What would Lindsay Lohan do?