Saturday, April 08, 2006

In the HOUSE!

I had my first trip to the House of Representatives a few days back. It was cool. I was like an elementary student on her field trip. It brought back memories when way back in college, I thought of being a lawyer and then a public servant. It was one of those Machiavellian moments when I thought I could change... err dominate the world, thanks to the wise (and sometimes gay) Lex Luthor of Smallville.

I just never found the courage to take the law school entrance test. My friends said they didn't see me as a lawyer - I am not capable of being really serious at times when I should be really serious (what happened to the "writing skills" I thought I had?). They said the career I have now perfectly suits me because I'm good at making bola, coming up with excuses and alibis for everything. Haha.. whut. Aren't lawyers making bola, coming up with alibis and making up stories just to HIDE everything in SEARCH for truth? They earn six figures for being such good liars.

But sometimes I realize that maybe what I'm doing now cannot give me the life I want. Man, I can barely survive! I feel like I'm running out of time. I'm 23 now. I wanna be a young achiever but the thing is, in a few years time, I'm not young anymore.

Anyway, back to the House. It's nice to see our congressmen exchange friendly banters even if they disagree on a lot of things. Sanay na sanay na ata silaeh. And it's good to hear that despite their busy schedules and all the things they have to think about for the country when they're not politicking, they still find the time to look after the growth of those who work for them. A computer lab was set up in their premises, with Internet connection, available to all their employees. All the 16 computers are equipped with Microsoft Windows and Office software. Yesss. May plugging! I just hope they get to maximize whatever resources they have to effect improved services and more efficient governance for the Filipino people. Yesssss. Here goes my nationalism again.

By the way, Cong. Remulla really looks good in person - a lot better than what we see on TV. I just hope that his ideals and principles don't get tainted through time. Oh the bright boys.