Saturday, April 08, 2006

Last Minute

It's been a while since I last posted here. That's okay since wala namang nagbabasa! Hehe.
The past two months have been really busy and I've never written so much in my life than in the
past two weeks. Minsan I feel like automatic na sha eh...

Hi, I need a write up for the EA signing.
(Okay, when do you need it?)
Now na sana eh.
(Oh SUUUUURE. makukuha mo mga 8 pm!)
By the way, we need interviewers for a regional exec. he's coming to the country.
(ok. For when?)
Tomorrow na.
(Tomorrow na, by the way pa! Na-mention lang in passing?)
Tska gusto ko sana mag organize ng presscon.
(For what and for when?)
Gov't thingy. in Congress. Sa Wednesday.
(Monday na kaya!)

That's why I'm posting here again, para ma-break yung cycle ng news writing. Ayokong makalimutang sumulat ng ibang format!

You Tube
I'm addicted to you tube, especially the music videos and the backstreet boys stuff. Haha. Busy daw. I should begin taking my own videos and sharing it there.