Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Random Photos

Tiffy posted a few photos from elementary and highschool in her multiply site. Haha... brings back the memories! PM recesses, highschool plays and rehearsals (I directed Florante at Laura and Fili - while I was afflicted with hepatitis! they failed to bed rest me), tambay after school, intrams (could've played volleyball or softball but i chose tug-o-war. less jabar, shorter completion time), canteen (that caught fire and was resurrected), spelling bee (and my famous "avalunge" - was asked to spell 'avalanche' e shempre mali yung dinig ko. what's new? tie-breaker pa naman yun), teachers' birthdays, christmas parties, swimming parties, sleepovers, Baguio/Batangas/Tagaytay trips, after school movies, ATC and SM (SM???), Hard Rock/ Fat Tuesday/Cable Car/Pep's nights... the question is: what did we not do?

This photo was taken during Family Day in Nursery. Can you spot me? I'm in the background, rightmost. Aminin niyo na. Cute.

This one was taken during Intramurals in 3rd year highschool. Oh.my.gawd. I look like a dork (na walang poise). As in totally! (Laguna Beach accent, please)

And finally, this last photo doesn't really have anything to do with elementary or highschool. I just took this on the way to work this morning. Wala lang. Jabar. hehe