Thursday, August 16, 2007

when the 'undo' function is not available

It just seems that I have a knack for learning things the hard way. I just don't know which is better - to be the person who often commits small, common errors, or the person who doesn't commit errors as much, but when error is committed, the impact is bigger. Obviously I am the latter. Or not. There's only silence from the other side of the world...

Then there's the pH level from negative seven. I blame that on the sound waves that must have transformed somewhat from the sender to the (un)intended receiver, and it was blown out of proportion. Thanks to a kind soul (who has a three-letter name) who enlightened me. I really felt a lot better after the talk. Name starts with M.

So this morning, another good, good mentor lifted my spirits up. I don't know if it's ignorance, stupidity or lack of judgment on my part but it certainly was a learning experience. If I ever shed a tear, it was when this person (whom I truly look up to) told me I shouldn't worry about it and that eveRything will bE fiNe.

There's no CTRL+Z. That's fo shiz.