Monday, April 07, 2008

Slip inside the eye of your mind...

My friends and I had originally planned to go to the beach over the long weekend but the odds went against us, it just wasn't meant to happen (bummer!). I needed to find something to preoccupy myself with so I went to the music store to see if there was anything new. Less than 5 minutes had passed when my eye caught the Oasis DVD, "Lord Don't Slow Me Down." Although it wasn't really new (released in 2007), I got a copy, went home and watched it.

The DVD included concert footage in Manchester about a couple of years ago. I turned up the volume of the speakers that were hooked to the TV, imagined that I was at the concert and found myself singing along to the songs I knew. I have to admit I can get pretty squishy sometimes. Wonderwall is my all time favorite Oasis song and I was so feeling it when it came on. A couple of songs later, Liam just left the stage and I actually thought he was throwing tantrums again but no... the band broke into "Don't Look Back in Anger" with Noel on vocals and I was totally floored. I got chills and teary-eyed when I heard the crowd belt out the song with so much feeling. There's just too much emotion coming from them... I can imagine the natural high that like, for 5 minutes, they're in the happiest moment of their lives. Here's the exact DVD footage from Youtube. Sound and video quality is of course much better on the disc where you can hear the crowd so well.

Definitely a classic. Priceless.