Wednesday, April 02, 2008

His pen is pistola

There's a blog somewhere that's rocking society and I feel that it's just too much. There's such a thing as freedom of speech, moreso in cyberspace where where there's hardly a law anywhere that protects individuals from malicious defamation online, but I'm not a believer of abusing this freedom to the detriment of others, even if only to express one's opinion. Personal thoughts, when paraded as facts, could mislead the public into believing that they are true. And through choice of words and presentation, bloggers can also shape the mind of the unwitting reader and get him to empathize with them.

That blogger has made it obvious that his expose is an act of desperation and he has chosen a very powerful medium. He wanted to tell the world of his tales of woe so he involved the public and indulged us with generous doses of scuttlebutt. He was bringing attention to his cause through putting the spotlight on the personal affairs of certain known personalities at their expense.

The question is, do those involved, other than the primary offender, really deserve this?

and, do we really need to know?

This also puts forward an issue on trust. Scandals and exposes abound the blogosphere so you could just imagine having someone around and getting the scare of your life when the relationship turns sour. You don't want to wake up one day and find yourself the subject of such controversies.

We should all wear a pair of eyes in the back of our heads because we'll never know... but that would be tantamount to a life in paranoia. Then again, my life is too boring for me to become entangled in a mess like this so I've got nothing to worry about. I've already had my picture taken by the Associated Press and had it plastered all over the WWW and nobody gave a damn. haha.

That's just my two cents. Hugs not drugs.