Wednesday, October 01, 2008

mobile blogging and Santogold

whee, my first blog post via mobile. Killing time at the hospital... it could be really difficult to type using touch keypad but that's what you're willing to endure to escape boredom.

so while i'm bored, let me tell you about my new fave artist - Santogold. kinda pop/r&b-ish but electronic. i'd say pretty unique for a mainstream act.

i like more than 3 of her songs which makes her qualify for album purchase. thing is the album is hard to find, well at least for us in the PHL. actually, looks like nobody i know is aware that the artist exists. they don't have it at music one yet. itunes naman doesn't let PHL users buy songs, only apps. amazon only allows MP3 downloads in the US. I really tried my best to acquire it LEGALLY but I don't have a choice now haha.

yan... sometimes i guess piracy is reasonable. eh sa gusto kong makinig eh. so by the time it becomes available here baka nagsawa nako then i wont buy anymore.

i'm also looking out for the new Bloc Party and Oasis albums, and the MUSE Live at Wembley DVD (HAARP tour). :-)