Thursday, February 19, 2009

Joy needs (those tagging things).

Here's another one:

Type your name into Google with the word needs in quotes. For example: "(your name here) needs". Write the first 10 results in a note and tag friends.

  1. Joy needs tragedy. (No, thank you)
  2. Joy needs a better understanding of the nature of evil. (Oh, believe me, I know it already.)
  3. Joy needs to take a lesson and step to the back of the line. (probably)
  4. Joy needs prayers. (Don't we all?)
  5. Joy needs no translator of Flickr.
  6. Joy needs a new storyline in general. (Agree.)
  7. Joy needs new ingredients.
  8. Joy needs jokes. (Yes. I need to have some fun.)
  9. Joy needs 11th hour help. (Yes to that again.)
  10. (If) Joy needs to apologize for a single facetious adjective, then I think you need to apologize for the baby-eating jokes... (haha)

Here's one from me:

  1. Joy needs something new. She has a lot of things to do but yet, she's bored.