Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ang Huling El Bimbo

I haven't had the chance to write about my own eheads experience and maybe I never will. Much has been written and everybody knows the show was fantastic. It's true that no other Pinoy band has had the same effect on the people even after several years of being not together and I'm happy to have been part of local music history. It was just great to participate in a large karaoke party where everyone knew most of the songs by heart. When you're with about 100,000 people, cussing never felt so good! (and so normal considering it was part of the lyrics, haha!) I didn't even realize that I still knew the words of their songs which weren't as heavily played in the airwaves (some of those never even made the airwaves at all).

Five days after the event and I'm still hung-over from the craziness. Seeing the photos and reading all the blog accounts bring back memories from the night. It's the first time, I think, that I allowed myself to be bumped here and there by the JJs in the VIP section without complaining. Yes, the Jumping Jologs made it to the VIP section during the super final set and inspite of that, it was fun. We all love the 'heads and I thought during those final moments which we only get rarely, we're all entitled to enjoy the show any way we know how. The last three songs were the best, thank God I'm a slow walker and chose not to squeeze myself in the crowd that was exiting the place. Because I didn't rush to wherever the crowd was leading when the show was over, took my time traversing my own path, and the fact that I was still hoping the night hasn't ended, I managed to discreetly re-enter an unguarded gate only to find myself (and my friend) led right infront of the stage in time for the last three songs -- and we screamed and sang our hearts out with the celebrities and other VIPs, and the jumping Js. I'm not quite sure but I might have turned into a JJ for a moment there. :)

Wait, did I just write about my experience? Hahaha


I'm turning a year older in a few days and I can only hope that this year is better than the previous ones. I think I'm ready for positive change in whatever aspect of my life it may come. I've never been a risk-taker as I've always tended to go with what's comfortable and certain but I think I'm really ready to get out of my comfort zone now.

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