Monday, July 20, 2009


The thing I like about Twitter is that I don't know half of my 80 followers (to date) and that makes it more liberating to a certain extent - I get to open myself up to no one in particular. And because I don't know them, I don't care about what they think.

I'm only writing about this now because I was in a lengthy conversation about this over coffee this afternoon. They said that Twitter only matters to famous people because nobody really gives a damn about what you do if you're nobody. I argued that it depends on what you use it for -- I personally don't use it to broadcast what I'm doing. I use it to follow news, particularly. It's like getting a more accessible central location for RSS feeds. You can get RSS via e-mail but you'd have to log-in to an e-mail client every time while twitter works on any web browser. You don't want your e-mail flooded anyway.

A more practical application - if you want to follow a race but you're not home on race Sunday and don't have cable TV, you can log-in to Twitter and get a lap by lap update (if you follow the right channels) and that'll surely cure the boredom! Just don't do it during mass. Wish there was someone tweeting Ateneo games as they happen.

I get to Tweet random things from time to time - in a way, it's a form of release or outlet. Just like this blog - if I want people to know about my thoughts then I should just link it to Multiply and Facebook for easier dissemination but I don't. I just want an outlet that's not as old-fashioned as a handwritten journal. I'm cool with whoever gets to read but I'm not really interested in what other people think that's why comments are disabled in all of the posts. The opinions that matter to me are from people who can personally talk to me anyway.

Nothing is exclusive to anyone in cyberspace. If it helps put things in perspective -- I was talking to my uncle. Hahahaha! ano ba yang social networking, social networking?!