Thursday, July 02, 2009


I feel a hurricane coming as if it's 2007 all over again. We've been here before and I'd like to think that we learned a lot the first time, enough for us to be able to do better this time. In the past couple of days, we've more or less gotten an idea of what to expect in the next few months. The pressing thing now is to firm up a team ala Storm Chasers who will be willing to go inside a tornado instead of running away from it. I still have half of the team that fucking works, but the thing is -- that's just half and we've been looking for the missing links in vain.
Been sitting through presentations the past couple of days and my head hurts already from being bombarded with ideas. The Q&A portion of the 'defense' at the end of each presentation is always the most interesting part and watching those exchanges between client and potential agencies.
Oh, I have notes! The joys of bringing a laptop to a meeting - it allows for multi-tasking!

Client: Considering that our audience will already stay the whole day at the venue to attend the keynotes and the different tracks, what do you think will compel them to attend the cocktail party as well?
Agency: (Pause) Well... I presume there's an invitation, am I right? Because if there's none, then we'll definitely have to create one and that's not included in the budget yet.
C: All through the presentation, what resonated was your use of the 7 Deadly Sins as theme. Pride, Greed, etc... However, I am not comfortable with the way it's associated with the product. Remember, our tone here is humble and we've always been wholesome in our approach.
A: Well... yeah. While 7 Deadly Sins is the theme, we won't really focus on it.
C: But you have it everywhere, even in the giveaways.
A: That's our theme but we won't say it. It's possible not to mention any of it, really. If that's your only concern, it's easy. We'll change the giveaways.
C: First, I want to congratulate you for a very well-thought out presentation. Very well-researched and insightful. One main concern for me is the handle itself. I don't think it's a good slant. While it's a good insight, we can't bash our previous products and say "It's time that we make your lives easier" or "It's time that you had something better".
A: Well, in all honesty, it's really about time that we all come to grips with reality. The fact is, ***** sucks and this new product is a relief. Admit it, ***** sucked big time.
C: No, it didn't, but thank you. If ever we engage you, we will have to work on that messaging.
A: We thought that McDonald's was just too ordinary for the partners. While we want to save on costs, we also want to maintain the profile of the brand and offer something along the lines of what is expected of you as a company. Now as an alternative... we want to recommend doing a tea party. High Tea. High Tea at Kamayan.
A: ...Now, of course, we need a handle to be able to communicate our messages properly. For this particular launch, our theme will be... (Dramatic pause, blank slide... click to enter animation with glitter effect)... ALL THINGS MAGICAL