Monday, August 31, 2009

(Almost) Perfect Sunday

Kimi Raikkonen articulated it best when he said that in Spa (Belgium), it's always been just two things for him: Win or destruction.  In the last four Belgian GPs, whenever he finished he was first and in the only race where he wasn't first, he crashed.

And today, he went for the win! Although it could've gone in many other ways, I always felt that Spa will see Kimi and Ferrari's first victory. Hurrah!
What a great way to end the day! Ateneo also won against Adamson. It was expected but still, it was really close, only until about 3 mins to go in the 4th Q before Ateneo pulled away. It's nice that they continue the winning streak but in terms of personal satisfaction, as long as we don't lose to La Salle, it wouldn't even hurt if we lost the championship to FEU this year. Haha. 

The elements of a great Sunday were in place: Ateneo win, Ferrari win, Family time, except that we spent the past two days in the hospital after mom was confined because of intense stomach pain.  The good thing is that the doctors say it's nothing serious and that mother should be alright in a few days.