Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twice to beat and twice beaten: It's Ateneo and UE in the finals!

All along I thought it was FEU. Not sure what happened but right when they're about to play their final four match against UE, the FEU management dropped their star player from the team with people saying its because of game fixing. His performance steadily declined over the past few games and he was asked to explain this to the management. Well, obviously, this has impacted the morale of the FEU team negatively. They were leading the standings with Ateneo and they just lost it.

It's sad to hear stories like this. Just earlier this week, Renault's ever flamboyant Flavio Briatore was handed a lifetime ban from Formula 1 for allegedly ordering his support driver to deliberately crash in Singapore to help Fernando Alonso win. Yup, Spanish wonder boy in another controversy.

What's the point of playing a sport if they're only going to 'fix' it? Why don't they just make a movie if they already knew how it'd end, anyway?  Oh, right. You can't bet in movies.