Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Walking around just like they do on Gossip Girl

I have weird sleeping habits here on the other side of the world. My cousins were expecting me to go through some jet lag after my first longest flight ever but that wasn't the case. Perhaps the beer helped (upon arrival and after dinner) put me to sleep... for 11 hours! and then everything's back to normal.

Went around midtown Manhattan alone. Fun experience! My cousin didn't want to let me go at first because she was worried I'd get lost or whatever but I insisted on going and I was fine.  She printed something from Google Maps for me and it was pretty accurate. I went the wrong way a couple of times but the street names were numbers so it was easier to navigate. I now understand the directions they give on Gossip Girl, haha!

It's 7:25 am now. Woke up so early!