Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Five seems to be the magic number, yes?

I just realized that I always belong in groups of five....

  • There's five of us in my elementary/highschool barkada (same group)
  • There's also five of us in my closest college circle of friends (comm)
  • ...and five of us who lived together for 2-3 years in the Katipunan Condo
  • At work, there's also five of us whom they call the golden girls (ex-officemates)
  • ...and currently five of us whom they accuse of being in a clique because we're always together.
  • In the family, there's also five of us then including Kuya, and five of us now including my nephew whom we'd like to think is Kuya's replacement in the family
  • And among my cousins, there's 5 of us who are really close to each other because of age.

And then there are one-on-ones on the side - like my bestfriend doesn't belong to any of these five groups.

Wala lang. I can't sleep. Hehe