Monday, December 21, 2009

iPod blues

As the whole world probably knows, I almost lost all my iPod content last Friday. Oh, wait... I did lose it, but I also recovered ALL of it.  That's perhaps one of the shittiest things that could happen to a person who listens to music a lot.I mean, sure, you can get it back but the thought of losing that library you built over a period just really sucks.  Then I also wasn't sure I could recover all of it. I have to take note that it ruined my night which eventually was turned around not by anything but strong will and a little bit of alcohol (talking to self: you're in a party. It's a party! Think about iPod later. People are beginning to get worried, so don't be a diva.).  I didn't have anyone to blame -- it was all there when it was connected to the computer.  I even got to create a playlist using the computer.  I just noticed eventually that nothing was playing and when I asked, our prod manager said "ayaw na eh. Ewan ko bakit." Shempre ewan niya! So I checked and realized that everything was gone.  I guess, without human intervention, the computer with the outdated software did things on its own.

It took the entire recovery process something like 8 hours. 4 hours for actual recovery (not via iTunes) and then another 4 hours to transfer the recovered files to the iPod via iTunes.  While I was at it, I also got the chance to weed it out of stuff that I thought shouldn't be there. So now I have 7.89 GB worth of songs (2,131 tracks, 5 days) and 24.34 GB worth of videos. I'm still in the process of organizing everything, though (filenames and such). It's cumbersome but I'm not complaining. It's good enough that I got to recover everything.

I also appreciate that so many people wanted to help (and also appease me! haha):

  • My coffee-loving colleagues who texted me from upstairs (when I was downstairs) asking me to come up already so we can 'raid the bar at pumarty nalang'.  That was very uncharacteristic of them and I knew they were only saying that to cheer me up because when I got there, they made sure I got a drink but they didn't really 'raid the bar' hehe; 
  • My boss who came to the parking lot after the program ended because he said he knew I was there and offered to help recover most of the songs (there, props to you! thanks);
  • My other boss who came to my office to say he was sorry about what happened and that he hopes I find a way to get the files back because they seem to be really important to me (aaaaaaw); 
  • My sister who had a wonderful suggestion to buy all the MP3 collection CDs from Ruins so that I can have the most comprehensive pirated library ever (nyahaha) on top of all the original CDs that I would have had to rip again;
  • My mom who reminded me that it wasn't the end of the world and at least 'di naman nawala pati iPod' (I know that, mother. I just took advantage of the chance to overreact!);
  • Friends who teased me na i-donate ko nalang yung iPod na walang laman at ipamigay ang mga earphones (bwiset)
  • My cousins who offered to bring their computers on Christmas Eve so that we can synch from their iTunes libraries (yehey, no need! you guys can sync again from mine!); 
  • Another cousin who texted, "Saw your Facebook status. Ang hilig mong maging emotionally attached sa mga bagay na walang buhay. Steak dinner at my house tonight. Punta ko states bukas, you won't see me on Christmas." (thank you narin.)
  • And finally, my other cousin who researched about this and found the solution! I remember when I was in your house and you saw my flickering screen the night I arrived - You took one look and then when I woke up, you showed me a document which detailed what was wrong with it.  The technicians at the mall said it had something to do with screen calibration but they can't figure out what and you said it's a hardware defect... we had it checked again, this time with the manufacturer and you were right! Bravo!
That's it for this weekend's episode.