Saturday, April 10, 2010


3 races into the season and I haven't even seen any of the F1 races live on TV. I used to make it a point to catch most of it wherever I was -- at home, in a bar or restaurant (because most of the races are shown live during dinnertime).  I seem to have lost half the interest I had in the previous years, add to this the post-race reports that indicate how much of a snorefest they were that even the drivers themselves complain of boredom.

The various rule changes over the years have significantly affected the quality of the show such that most races turn out to be nothing more than processions after the first lap.  I'm satisfied enough to keep myself updated on twitter without the desire to actually see the race.

It has become a template. I can predict which of the races would be most boring this year: Valencia, Singapore & Abu Dhabi. These are the tracks that Tilke designed. They look good but they don't inspire action.

The tracks that always produce good races? On my list are Monaco, Monza, Spa Francorchamps, Interlagos and Japan.

Oh well. They should do something about this next year... and for the rest of this year.