Friday, April 09, 2010

Take a look around

They say we move in circles. When the good comes to bad, the bad comes to good.

I find myself in quite a similar situation which others before me have gone through. I've seen it happen to them and, therefore,  I've been warned.  I was mistaken in believing that I was good enough not to let it happen to me, or perhaps I should say that I was led to believe I was good enough. Turns out I'm no exception. It really is bound to happen and based on the timeline, it's about time. To borrow from Coldplay: Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard.

Tsunami warning, I hear you.

Things change. Perspectives change. People can easily be swayed in different directions. Some fall into the trap of believing before thinking and jumping to conclusions before searching for evidence.

Even those who seemed to understand before don't seem to understand now.  Often, the judgment is not all that apparent. It can appear as a subtle insinuation, mere question or what not, but where I exist, I've observed that people are smart enough to decipher.  For my part, I face it, take it in stride, offer reasons and sometimes I'm successful in stressing a point, but there are times when I still end up feeling like a fool because those who judge and make false accusations will never consider that they could be wrong.

The same people who built you up are the same ones who'll put you down. Like David Beckham in the early years of his career, when he nailed that goal from midfield for Manchester United -- fans hailed him as the future of English football, the golden boy.  Years later, he joined Real Madrid and suffered a slump. They thought he wasn't the golden boy that he was as he couldn't even translate the free kicks, and he was crucified and ridiculed by the same people who put him up.

But, unlike David Beckham, I'd like to believe I'm not in a slump (at least not yet), and unlike the ones before me, I wouldn't allow this to end in the same manner it did for them because I'm not a cliche.

I just have to accept that the world doesn't always work in my favor and that I'll have to figure out my way around it.