Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Kings and Queens of Promise

Tonight you realized that, just like the rest, you also couldn’t cut it.

You wouldn’t find yourself in this position had it not been for your own contribution. You relied so much on other people and probably failed to fulfil your own role in this team. You knew the moment you felt uncomfortable when your teammates had to admit that they let a lot of things slip through the cracks. You overlooked them, too.

That is not to say that you’ve been negligent – it’s just that you did not pay enough attention.

You’ve always believed that a good leader was one who could motivate people to work hard and give their best. In that respect, you are not a good leader. You do well on your own, but not as a leader.

And now, this thought keeps you up. You back track on the things that you should have done. You wish you knew better.

You write all of this because you just couldn’t deal with failure, could you? Nope. That’s true. And then you tweet about it. You just have to.

Dear self, you failed to steer your team towards the ideal direction. And you write to yourself because no one else really wants to tell it to your face.