Monday, May 28, 2007

What I want...

The long road trip to Nueva Ecija last Saturday got me thinking about the things I want in life. At that moment, it's pretty simple. I want...

chorizo wraps and poor man's bread soup at Gaudi
ceasar salad and smoked ox tounge at Mezze
lamb gyros and flaming cheese at Cyma
spicy pumpkin curry soup and creme brulee trio (not taken together) at M Cafe
onion rings and victorian style steak at Outback
Tom Yam and Go Pad Thai from Som's
Pork Brothers at Gram's Diner
pinaputok na kesong puti and tawilis at Masas
baked salmon from Conti's
chai latte at Coffee Bean
caramelized chicken and pomelo salad from Pho Hoa
sisig rice at Gweilos
mom's kare - kare
mom's spaghetti
lola's callos
tita patti's lengua
tita patti's apple pie (killer)
chicken McNuggets
Wendy's Shrimp Salad burger
Jr. Whopper (junior lang talaga)
Taters bbq popcorn and sour cream dip

I could go on and on.... that was a long trip.