Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm hooked on another social networking site... again. It's becoming a habit now. I'm on MySpace, Friendster, Tagged, Multiply, etc.. The newest culprit is Facebook. One of my clients invited me to be his friend on Facebook and eversince I got started, I hadn't stopped. Facebook + Multiply - 90% of my life is definitely online.

As it is, Multiply is already a breakthrough networking site which allows users to share photos, videos and blogs across a network. Perhaps what makes Multiply successful is the comment function. You can post all your stuff and your friends would be able to comment and let you know what they think. You can create your own world. If you have all the people you know in your network, sharing your life is much more easy.

In the past, when interesting things happen to me, I'd text my friends, meet up with them for coffee or beer and all that... Now, I can just post and they react. Real time.

And now, there's Facebook. Facebook is just like Multiply but with more things to do. It details your relationship with a person, like how you know each other ("Joy and XXX went to college together" or "Joy and XXX lived together"). People can poke each other, play poker, give gifts, choose a pet, share a drink, write on each other's super wall, post big photos, toss firecrackers and a lot more. I also think Facebook is more widely used than Mutliply. Heck I even found some clients from a nearby country in Facebook! But I won't befriend them yet... until they discover me, that is.

Okay enough.