Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mary For You...

Ateneo bowed out of this year's UAAP Men's Basketball Tourney last Sunday and I was fortunate enough to have witnessed their last game this season. Just like most Ateneans, my heart bled for the Blue and White and it wasn't even because we lost to La Salle. Perhaps it was more because I felt that the Eagles had a good chance this season and I thought this was our year. Going into the semis, I was almost sure that Ateneo would go to the finals.

The Ateneans made a great gesture by wholeheartedly applauding the DLSU crowd while they sang their school hymn after the buzzer signaled a victory for La Salle. The Green Archers played really well that night. Maybe they wanted to be in the finals more than Ateneo did. Maybe not...

And when it was Ateneo's turn to sing the alma mater song for one last time, the team faced the Ateneo crowd and we all sang Mary For You with so much pride. We were so proud of the Hail Mary Squad that played fair and fought hard.

Ateneo may not have won but the very fact that the team fought unwaveringly and never gave up until the last second was reason enough for me to believe. I still believe. Just to know that the team had the heart, courage, passion and determination to win - sometimes, that's all you can ever ask for.

There's always a next year and many more years to come. My kids will definitely go to Ateneo! (if they study in the Philippines. Baka kasi Cambodian, feeling Brangelina)

All in all, I must say the team had a good run... like an old stocking. Hehe