Monday, October 22, 2007


Kimi has arrived! Amazing, I love it! At last, Kimi Raikkonen is F1 Champion. It's been a long wait. Grabe. Eversince I started to watch Formula 1 back in 2002 or 2003, back when the world's eyes was fixed on Schumi (or Juan Pablo Montoya, David Coulthard or who knows who), I already took notice of Kimi Raikkonen. The rookie, Ice Man from Finland. Nobody ever thought that THIS was HIS year.

I like him not for his looks. Well. Okay, not JUST for his looks. You see, I can relate a lot to him. Kimi used to be the champion that never was, if you know what I mean. He had a series of muntik na, sayang, almost reaching but never there races. There's no doubt that he's a good driver. He just happens to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time, or driving the wrong car or using the wrong tires. He's always been runner-up - number two or number three. I thought the frustration would never end. Man. There was this one race (I don't remember where it was, but I know it was some two years ago cos I remember talking about this with my cousin) when Kimi led all the way, like 70 laps. Konti nalang eh, sobrang konti nalang... He was probably on the second to the last lap, if not the last, when the tire of his McLaren burst!!! Aaaaaargh. I remember the feeling, haha. Mygod. Bwiset talaga.

I've also encountered frustrations like this in my life (but of course, it's not sports-related! Hellow). I was kinda always behind by a slim margin - second best director, third place in comedy scriptwriting (I've always believed naman that the funniest things are spontaneous)... there was this time I ran for a top position in a college org. I've been in that org since Freshman year and every year, I'd get promoted. So in senior year, I had to run for that VP position just for the sake of. No one wanted to compete with me, but FOR THE SAKE OF (para fun, I guessed), they got someone to run against me. So okay... I was so relaxed, I focused on other things. Thesis time din eh. Didn't even bother to campaign, well, maybe a little. I just knew that I had a strong group in there. What I didn't anticipate was the number of people who were new to the org. I never thought they'd be enough to make my opponent win! What the hell. Mejo natulala ako after the counting... parang hello. Ano nangyayari, wake me up na. So after three years, member nalang ako?? I'm part of the commonfolk nalang haha! Tapos the winner was so shocked, she wanted to get me as co-VP or something. HELLO. I'd like to say, however, that I handle defeat well. I sourgraped, I had a lot of regrets, but at the end of the day, I had to accept it. That was a learning lesson for me. Now, I always remember to prepare... just prepare for anything that might come and to always have a battle plan.

So now, I realize the value of patience. Everyone of us has a purpose for being here, and at one point or another, we will have the opportunity to fulfill what it is that we're set out to do. Kimi is a good driver and when Michael Schumacher retired, Ferrari immediately sought to sign him. Back then, I was a bit anti-Ferrari for various reasons. I thought that the team was so full of itself and its owners kinda monopolized F1. They wanted to rule it and I'm all for fair play. I wanted to see the McLarens and the Renaults to prosper as well. So when Kimi decided to move to Ferrari, I was somewhat disillusioned. But then, it was all for the better. Kimi had driven for McLaren for quite a while already. He was McLaren's top guy. And while he had done all he could to get them a championship, there just comes a point in a driver's life when he's got to make decisions for his career. I'm sure McLaren did all it could to match the Ferrari offer but they just couldn't afford it... and it just didn't seem to work anymore. Obviously, the move to Ferrari was a good one. Now we have the world's best F1 driver racing for F1's best team.

Things will happen when they're meant to happen. Ateneo waited 14 years for a UAAP Championship. Couples wait for more than 5 or even 10 years before they could have a baby. You know the feeling when you're not looking for something anymore... then it just comes to find you.

For Kimi, he waited long enough for this. No one would have thought he'd emerge victorious, snatching the title from favorites Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton. The best thing is, after all the years of frustration, hardwork, disappointments, he never stopped trying. He never gave up his dream even when everyone else seemed to have lost hope in him.

Wilf, if you only saw this!