Monday, March 10, 2008


There's something more to live acts than just merely seeing foreign artists perform right before your eyes. There's some kind of natural high - you're actually looking at the very people behind the songs that you grew up with, songs that define phases of your life, or music that you wished you would have created yourself. I like bands more than solo acts because most bands create their own music. They write the lyrics and lay out the tunes, unlike some solo acts who have composers and all the other people who do the whole shebang for them and their only role is to perform. And just by the songs they sing, you get to have a feel of how these people live their lives, what they go through and the emotions they feel and when you can to relate, you know that you're not alone. There's someone out there, probably in a parallel universe, who's going through exactly what your going through right now. Some lyrics may be a bit obscure, but somehow, you just know - that's you.

Thank God for all the Adam Levines, Brandon Boyds (Maroon 5s and Incbuses) who somehow make us feel a bit better about life.

Below is a playlist with some of the Incubus songs that I love:

Dig - it's about having someone who helps you see things through. If you go astray, you can always count on someone who would 'dig you up from under what is covering' the better part of you. I also like how this song was sung... obviously it could be very difficult to pull off, especially live. I wanna see this covered in American Idol (make or break!).

Oil and Water - two people who are exact opposites but they continue co-exist because they share something greater than what they can comprehend. They continue to disagree (wouldn't be the first time, wouldn't be the last time), but what the heck. This is love. (hehe)

Drive - Finding your place in the world.

Megalomaniac - a bit political. You could say that this is my call to resignation (for the current administration, yes you, Ms. President).

Just click on a song and hit the Play button.