Monday, May 19, 2008

Of course, it has been done before.

yet most of you thought it's genius.

Where do you, AI boys, really get your ideas, huh?

Here's a clip of the band Simple Plan (not exactly one of my favorites) doing a mash-up of Stand By Me and Beautiful Girls sometime 2007:

And now, the crowd-favorite "Archulets" in American Idol. Cue to girls: swoon at 1:34:

So because he didn't make me swoon, I'm not a girl. And I don't know why I'm so anti-idol. Glad the show's ending! Hahaha (evil laughter). But just my two cents (of course I have an opinion about everything!), if that guy David Cook aspires to make it as a rocker, he shouldn't win this thing because then he'll be typecast... I think no AI winner will ever be appreciated as a legit rockstar. And if he wanted to be a rocker, he shouldn't have joined this in the first place. And if there were still Rockstar (INXS/Supernova), he wouldn't win it because he's bordering somewhere pretentious. Haha sorry. I look at him kasi like the Nyoy Volantes and Paolo Santoses... But David Cook does well in reviving the songs and owning them. I like his version of Hello and Hungry Like a Wolf, after some friends advised that I should check it out on youtube. I'm the only one I know who's not so crazy about the Mariah remake. It's nice, it's okay, different, great to sing along to... but I'm getting tired of it.

I also liked Daughtry but I found out he was from AI so I sort of wrote him off but I do find myself singing along to his songs once in a while. I think if he won AI, he won't receive as much attention from the listeners he's targetting. So yes, I'm biased. I'm probably the one stereotyping here but you can't blame me!

It'll be better if the other David won... then we can position him as a young achiever, teenager following his dreams... that sort of thing. It just makes for a better story. Yon. I'm not even going to make a comment on their singing skills because I don't really watch. I just get to read about it in the papers.