Sunday, May 18, 2008

They're the reason I have silver chucks.

The elements that make a live performance really cool are not just a good band (with great showmanship) and really good music but also the showcase of lights and sounds. Think U2 concerts - they have floor to ceiling led screens as background, words and images flashing as they perform the songs. I've mentioned before that the concerts I had gone to earlier this year both had amazing lights, especially Incubus whose lights were so well-choreographed with the songs (mygod when will I ever stop talking about that show!). Maroon 5 brought a quite simpler set but very very lovely. However, the one that tops my list I didn't see live. In fact, I just saw it on MTV earlier tonight and I was blown away. As in woooooow. Galing! Not to mention it's by a band I really adore :-)

Here's a pixelated clip from youtube (couldn't find a really clear version) of MUSE performing Starlight at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Take note of 1:29 onwards - that's when they totally rock! Laser lights are the bomb. 2:31 - the "starlights" are truly cosmic!!!