Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's that... Wild Flower?

When my friends told me about this, I thought it was a joke but then I saw it for myself. OMFG. That's the former Sandwich frontman/ MTV VJ and Kjwan's lead singer. In a teleserye. In the afternoon.

Interesting and surprising twist. It's like hey, it's Jared Leto on reverse! Actors turned musicians are pretty common but some of them just don't fly and end up going back to acting, especially if they dare take the road of rock (think Jericho Rosales and Jeans, Diether Ocampo and Blow). However, musicians turned actors are another thing, especially rock musicians. I can't remember any at the moment who successfully transitioned from almost anti-mainstream to totally pang masa. Really, how would the fans take it if Dave Grohl made a movie or starred in a soap portraying a role other than 'himself'? I can't imagine! Trent Reznor, too, looks like he could be a villain in a Harry Potter movie but I guess he'd never do it.

Bono did well in Across the Universe, when he was singing in the psychedelic bus. He's not really acting though. He's just like a total hippy... but Across the Universe is waaaaaaaaaaay cool.

I heard Kjwan recently had a gig without Marc Abaya. I'm sure they did well as the other members are capable of holding out on their own but I mean, how could you be without a frontman? I wonder how this turns out for him. Ligaw na Bulaklak?

Here's a clip. Surreal. Nascent stardom at 3:01 onwards.
Wait, wait, wait... did he say CHIFF?