Saturday, June 13, 2009

Skull City

My SkullCandy Smokin' Buds were broken about 8 months ago and I've been looking for a replacement since. Been checking all the Power Mac Centers (even in Cebu!) but they were all out of stock for ear buds. So I got Senheisser earphones (not the closed type for work so I can still hear external noise well) and Philips crystal earbuds for ladies (because it's... feminine and gold). They were also good but I don't know why I keep breaking those in-ear things.

So this evening, I was at Festival Mall and I noticed this low-key gadgets store I never went to before. And there, like golden treasures inside the Pyramid, was a rack full of SkullCandy stuff! Smokin' Buds, Chops, Headphones...

To make the long story short, I came home a few thousand bucks poorer, no thanks to the beautifully packaged silver SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket noise-isolating in-ears with in-line microphone for iPhone and Blackberry Curve (it can be used as a hands-free set for answering calls). The weird thing about it is I don't own an iPhone or a Blackberry and I don't use the hands-free but it looks really cool. It comes with two sets of comply foam tips and three silicon gel sizes.

The broken pair which I really liked:

... and I'm just really looking for things to write about, aren't I?