Friday, June 19, 2009


FOTA to launch rival championship

The Formula One Teams’ Association has thrown the sport into total chaos by announcing its eight members will set up their own breakaway series at the end of the season.

The FIA and FOTA should've worked harder to resolve this and Max Mosley shouldn't have been so stubborn to even consider the compromise being offered by FOTA because now he's left with a bunch of newbies and some old, small teams.

Obviously, the breakaway series is going to be a hit because that's where the action will be. All the big teams and superstars will be there as well as current advertisers. The old F1 could look like nothing more than a feeder series that drivers would consider a mere stepping stone to the new F1.

Here's how it looks:

FIA Formula One

1. Williams
2. Force India
3. Manor
4. US F1
5. Campos

FOTA Formula One

1. Ferrari
2. McLaren
3. Renault
4. BMW
5. Toyota
6. Brawn
7. Red Bull

So where do you want to be?