Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm happy like a hippie.

Long talks about life. That's what happens when you have one of those quiet nights with friends. One of the things I realized is that I think I have everything I need to get through this particular phase in life (not sure what phase this is though). I mean, when I was asked what I thought was lacking at this point, it took me a while to answer. Sure I'm alone but I'm not lonely. I WANT a lot of things but needs are different.

Am I happy? Yes. Not in a cloud nine kind of way, but happy in a peaceful way. God's been good. We still have mom, I have a job that I like (on most days), and I'm surrounded by wonderful people. If you feel the love, what else do you really need? I'm happy like it's my birthday. Haha

I know some people go through worse in life and that's when I get to appreciate the things that I have and the people around me.

Hmmmm. If I have bad days, I also have good days. So this blog wasn't made for rants alone after all.

I love my life. :) Good MorningN Makati!