Monday, November 08, 2010

Outfits for all occasions!

Saw photos of spontaneous Friday. One thing I realized -- I wore the same thing all day, which should be fine because I'm not a celebrity.

Jeepney in the morning, clubbing in the evening? So I already have Manila's grime before noon, which by late evening was layered with the scent of smoke, alcohol, sweat and whatever else you pick up from a club, and then a friend threw up -- not on me -- but I had to carry her. AMEN. Good thing I knew I was gonna sleep over and was sober enough to wash my face, brush my teeth and change clothes so I wouldn't have had to sleep in my Friday clothes! (It would have been okay without the jeepney ride in the morning, really.)

Saturday was no different. I wore a dress to a wedding reception, went to Podium and met a friend for a late lunch (so that's okay, I'm still clean), headed to SM Mall of Asia where it rained really hard on an uncovered street party -- that we're dripping wet was an understatement --, headed to Gumbo for the media dinner where we dried up because of the aircon (++ increased chances of pneumonia), afterwards went straight to a friend's party in the same dress and once again, I went home bathing in grime, dried rain, cigarette scent, sweat and whatever else you pick up from home garden parties. (It would've been okay without the rain.)

So to those I hugged and who hugged me back those two days, thank you for not complaining. Either you guys are true friends who love me for who or what I am - or talagang mabango ko kahit ano mangyari. Or parang tissue, puedeng unscented. Hahaha

You can't blame my mom for always asking me in different ways when I greet her with a kiss upon arriving at the house: O, saan-saan ka nanaman nagpunta? Para kang pusa.

Wooooshoo, kung di ko naman sinulat sa taas, di naman ako mukhang madungis e.