Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where are you going?

I'm so totally confused right now. I'm living in my head and I wish someone would just give me the answers, tell me what to do or at least help me figure out what to make of whatever's bothering me. I just hate NOT KNOWING how to deal and I'm so tired of thinking and thinking and thinking, and it's not like I could stop the thoughts from entering my head.

I know I'm being very vague here. You can ask me when you see me, I just might tell you. :o


In other news...

Someone leaked the draft of the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun, otherwise known as Twilight in Edward Cullen's perspective (Twilight itself is in Bella Swan's POV), and the author is really pissed because the book's not even done yet. She's very upset that she put off finishing the book and announced that it's on hold indefinitely.

Since it was already leaked online, she eventually posted the leaked version in her website for the Twilight fans. At least that will prevent people from making a profit out of it and at least now I have something to focus my attention on. Hopefully, I'll get my fill of the Cullens and take my mind off whatever it is that I'm thinking about right now (see above).


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