Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The thing is, I'll never tell you the things you want to hear. I'm not that kind of person. I'll tell it like it is, lay down the options and see how we can work from there. You don't just put people down even before the battle has ended. If you think that results matter to you, then at least you could've waited for the results before writing people off. I think that in times of crisis, it's best to address the issue at hand first before blaming it on others. Oh wait... I didn't think that. Everybody KNOWS that already. Oh wait... not everybody. Just the smart ones.

Honestly, I agree that we may have fallen short on some accounts. SOME of your points are probably valid. I can live with that. And I admit it.... But if you expect me to get down on my knees to ask for forgiveness, I won't do that. Once is enough but you won't hear it from me unless I really realize that I had to say it and mean it. In this case, I don't feel I owe it to you. I didn't sit on my ass the whole fucking day and waited for the Guava to fall from the tree. I planted the tree and nurtured it until it bore fruit. Pero ayaw naman natin ng hilaw. So tinawag namin ni Juan si Pedro para magdala ng fertilizer, baka sakaling mahinog agad. Shempre tumawag din kami sa poong maykapal. Natagalan lang mahinog, pero nahinog din, diba? Magaling ang fertilizer ni Pedro. So, pinitas ko na. And the thing is, di naman namin kinain. Binigay namin sayo, you dimwit. Kainin mo yang guava mo. (haha ang labo!)

More than the complaints and shortcomings whathaveyou, what I hate most was the way you made us. WE felt like shit next to you. You made us doubt ourselves. To think that you were the one who encouraged me, treated me to a drink and we had a lengthy conversation about needs, wants, career... you asked about my bosses, colleagues and all that. You said you got your eyes on me and that you believed in me. I guess now you don't.

If you think I failed you, well... you failed me, too, because I believed in you, too. PAST TENSE, take note. Yan. I usually don't harbor ill-feelings. You'd probably crack a joke that I'll find funny and that will break the ice. But then again, I'm aaaaahfraahaiiiid.... that izzz tooo late to apologihiiiiize.

You stare at me like a vitamin
On the surface you hate, but you know you need me
I'll come dressed as any pill you deem fit
Whatever helps you swallow truth all the more easily.