Sunday, August 17, 2008

Narrow Stairs

It's amazing how life kinda speaks to you in so many ways. Sometimes, messages are hidden somewhere and they kind of catch you by surprise and then you realize that it does have some meaning to you. Perhaps it was written in a totally different context but you feel like it was meant for you. Or probably not.

Today, I was searching the net for new music, reading album reviews from who-knows-whose blogs and band updates on Facebook. I was never a fan of Death Cab for Cutie but I saw that a review of their album was one of the most read on Pitchfork and I decided to read along (okay, that's more because I'm a sucker for useless information just 'for the sake of knowing'). ANYWAY (oh, that word), a part of this particular paragraph I read twice:

Narrow Stairs, Death Cab's second album for Atlantic and sixth proper LP overall, is one of the darkest and most muscular in the band's discography, but they're still aiming for the same place: your heart. It's an album about growing and changing and becoming resigned to the fact that you'll never be truly content-- not even if you quit that day job, achieve your rock'n'roll dreams, and find yourself in a loving marriage.

Hahaha WHUT. Note to self: Grab new DCFC album on the next trip to the music store and find out if this is something that can be recommended to friends undergoing Quarter Life Crisis.