Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Honestly, it didn't live up to its hype and it's so disappointing that it didn't have the smashing ending that we all expected. I think the author was so bent on pleasing people, giving what the fans want, and just tying the loose ends. In the end, it felt like the book was just written for the heck of it. Just because the author promised Book 4 and she wanted to resolve everything.

I think the problem is that the characters kind of lost their 'soul' in this book. Where's Edward? Edward was barely there. He played supporting role instead of leading man. What the hell happened to him? Where's the Edward we fell in love with in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse? Bella Swan, lead character - the damsel in distress - ended up the strongest vampire who saved them all which is absurd. And I thought Stephenie Meyer was going to put a great deal in her transition from mortal to immortal but that was uneventful. What happened to Dartmouth? Wedding and honeymoon? Yes. And I guess that if it weren't for that part, I would have demanded a refund. Don't get me wrong, though. There's nothing explicit here, after all, it's still young adult fiction.

Carlisle Cullen is the leader of the coven. If anything is supposed to happen to them, he's the one who's expected to step up and even him got sidelined in this one. Ugggggh. Parang last minute, the antagonists just decided that okay... let's not kill them muna. and then the book ends. No action! Nothing.

The resolution was like the 'everything just fell into place' concept. All of a sudden everything's just right. No struggle for Bella Swan. No conflict, no sacrifices. Nothing. The universe conspired to make everything right. 700+ pages of nothingness. I hate it. And despite the focus on resolution, still didn't answer everything... Did Renee ever find out about her granddaughter? Who's the philandering Quileute? Why did J. Jenks exist? If you took out the chapters with him in it, it wouldn't even matter.

In short, ampanget talaga at tinatamad nako magsulat about it. They could've ended it with Eclipse. and for me, in my mind, there are no four books. As far as I know, Twilight is a trilogy. That's it.