Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Danger Beach!

The new season of Entourage is up! Just saw the first episode tonight and I really missed Ari and Loyd! haha! You just can't help but feel the stress everytime... and Vinny Chase grew a mustache and a beard (ampanget!) and he's in self-exile in Mexico (where he lives like a King for $79 a day) following the bad reviews and lukewarm reception to Medellin.
Ari gets an offer for Vince to do a movie with a ridiculous title (Danger Beach) and V declines at first. He doesn't want to leave his Fantasy Island to meet with a producer who wants to do a movie with a loony name but soon, E and Ari are able to convince him to go back to LA for the meeting but they later find out that it's a set-up -- the producer is just using Vince to lock Emile Hirsch. Vince makes a resolve that he'll pick himself up and make a comeback.
Drama gets back at the producer by going to the latter's house, smashing his Mercedes (sparing the Maserati) with a golf club and putting a dead (and raw) fish on top of the hood. Turtle asks him what that was for and Drama says he's making a statement: Aquaman will be back.
Yon. That's it, don't watch it na! haha :-)