Thursday, September 04, 2008


Still on the e-heads (can't get enough... still can't believe it happened!). Fans of The Beatles will never ever get to see or feel something remotely close to this.

This was how it should've ended (reportedly). From the MLs, apparently someone knew someone who was part of the production crew. I think it's very believable, considering the way it started, this would've been a very very good ending.

I imagine all 20,000 of us there reduced to tears, eternally grateful to the band for the music that so influenced our lives (as if we weren't yet) and for giving us one last chance to see them together. ALTHOUGH, since they're all on speaking terms again and since they enjoyed it so much, I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening again more than once in the next years. Wag lang sila mag guest sa ASAP or any noontime show.

When Magasin was to be played, the screen behind them would have montages of various news and magazine clippings of them. It would flash alternately with shots of the band and audience until the song reached the coda where Ely sings "...ay centerfold ka naaaa...woo hoo-hoo, haaa-haaa" part of the song. Then there would be fire works and a fountain of sparks, going on til the last note of the song. Then the hydraulic stage would be lowered and the band would make a "fake ending".

The lights would then go out. My sister said the band would wait til the
crowd chanted "more". "It would take two beers' worth of chanting "more" she said. Then in the darkness, a very dramatic keyboard solo would be heard, and it would be the opening chords of Para Sa Masa. The hydraulic stage would rise again and there they would be.

After Para Sa Masa, they'd switch into Overdrive. With the crowd pumped within an inch of insanity they were to hit us with Pare Ko. And then we would slow down and reminisce with Minsan.

Finally, they would perform Huling El Bimbo. Again, after the last refrain,
at the coda (la la la laaa...) the grand fireworks display would go off, fountains of light surrounding the stage. The next la-la-la parts would see
fireworks from behind the general admissions section, and as the song ended there would be a burst of confetti all over the audience. Then the hydraulic stage would be lowered for the final exit.

Those were the plans for the Ultraelectromagnetic night. It may not have
happened as planned but at least we knew they were going to give us a show we would never forget!

We asked my sister if the band knew about all these plans and she said they did. In fact they were so excited about all the gimmicks and couldn't wait to party with the audience. "Nag-usap pa nga sila kung may mga kailangang saluhin na kanta just in case (di na kaya ni Ely)," she said. "And Ely said, hindi, Kakanta ako!"